ICTEA 6 Conference Call

  • 25 Qershor 2020

The 6-th Conference on New Advanced Methodologies and Techniques in Scientific Research


28-30 April 2017

EPIRUS Palace Hotel & Conference Center 5*, Ioannina, Greece

The scientific research and development is in the phase of giving a product’s life to support the product’s viability. New metodologies and techniques in scientific research policy are needed to meet the challenges of global structural changes towards service and knowledge-based economies. Emerging knowledge-based economic systems underscore the increasing degree of international integration of the economy and science. International collaboration has risen strongly, be it in the framework of large cross-border projects, bilateral cooperation or as a result of the mobility of highly qualified researchers. ICTEA conference is an international forum of many authors in scientific research that will show the capacity for a systematic understanding of their specialization area, skills and clear mastery of the engineering research methods, autonomous capacity for conceiving, designing, adapting, and realizing significant research, as autonomous researcher or member of teams, respecting the usual academic levels of quality, aptitude for contributing to widen the knowledge frontiers through the development of a significant amount of original research duly accredited by publication in the Conference with peer reviewing.

This year the conference  has in the focus the advanced methodologies  and research  in order to implement the strategy of education 2014/2020 as one of challenges in the European  integration way.

The conference will also show the capacity to analyze with a critical spirit, to evaluate, and to synthesize new and complex ideas in a context of fast technological and socio-organizational change and to have the capacity to communicate with the academic community as well as the society in general, both at national and international levels, regarding their specialization area. The conference will give the opportunity for all researchers to show the capacity to promote, both in the academic and professional contexts, the technological, socio-economic and cultural progress under the framework of a knowledge- and collaboration-based society.

ICTEA International Conference seeks to provide some answers and explore the processes, actions, challenges and outcomes of economy, law, ICT applications, learning, teaching and human development. Our goal is to offer a worldwide connection between science and people from a wide range of academic fields, interested in exploring and giving their contribution in several issues. We wish to ilustrate developments and new ways of thinking in these main fields.



Information and Communication Technology


Knowledge society and human development

Justice and Social studies


The conference will be held  in Ioannina , Greece under the special care of


EPICT Albania, the Centre of Research and Education,


On behalf of  University College Pavaresia Albania

Ministry of Education and Sports, Albania

Canadian Institute of Technology, Albania

University of Durres Aleksander Moisiu, Albania

University of Gjirokaster Eqerem Cabej, Albania

University of Salerno, OSV Eduation Institution, Italy

University of Korca Fan S.Noli, Albania

UNIC-Research and Educational Center, Ministry of Education, Denmark


ICTEA 2017 will address different categories in several areas and papers are expected to fit broadly – but not exclusively – into one of the named themes and sub-themes. To develop the conference program we have chosen five main broad-ranging categories, which also covers different interest areas:

In Economics :

Innovation and development, Management and marketing, Finance and Financial Systems, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development, Tourism Growth and regional Development, Applied Statistics, Public management, Foreign Direct Investment, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Change & Innovation Management.

In Information and Communication Technology :

New Models in Software Engineering, Software Testing, Modelling and Simulation, Service-oriented Computing and Cloud Computing, Educational Informatics, Information Security, Information & Knowledge Management, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Robotics, Semantic Web Technologies, Social Media Networks, Wireless Access Networks Mobile Networks, Health Informatics, Geographical Information .

In Knowledge society and human development:

Educational Psychology, Health Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Emotional Intelligence & Well Being, Motivation, Attention & Human performance, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cyber Psychology and Social Networks, Sociology, Modern Sociological Theory, Gender Studies, Urban Sociology, Sociology and Architecture, Inequality and Social Exclusion, Religiosity, Ethnicity and Identity, Social Policy .

In Social studies :

Europeanisation, Crime (Deviance) and Criminal Justice, Politics and International Relations, Political Thought: Ideas and Ideologies, The Politics of Globalization and media role, Defense and Diplomacy . Crisis Management effects, Public Health and Social Care Policy, The Politics of Post-Communism and Transition, Parties, Elections and Electoral Systems, EU Policy and Integration, Migration related issues, Public Administration, Strategic Studies), Environment and Regional Development, E-Democracy and new models of participation, Smart governance including smart cities, Legal impact of innovative social services, Benefit management and performance of technology-supported public sector activities, Exchanging experiences on social studies.

In Education :

Special Educational Needs, Health Education & Promotion, Online education, Intercultural Communication, Ethno-linguistics, Language Teaching and Testing, Early child hood education, Cross-disciplinary areas of ICT Education, Pedagogy in the evolving environment, Languages related to education, Education policy and leadership, Strategies and tools for teaching and learning, Performances of technology, Technology in Learning, Lifelong Learning .


All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding book with ISBN. After the conference, participants will also have the opportunity to send their papers to be published in conference annual journal. Qualified papers will be published in the  ICTEA’s series Journal “ICT Education, Knowledge Society and Open Governance” (ISSN 2304-5442).


I also would like to remind you that the deadline for abstract submissions is February 16th, 2017.

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract  and full paper submissions


For further information , please visit the website of the conference



ICTEA conference coordinator. For more information, feel free to contact us either by e-mail at:

Venue : http://www.epiruspalace.gr/

28-30 April 2017

Fee and atractive activities

  • Fee of the conference without facilities:  50 euro
  • Fee of the conference with transport, accomodation for two nights, breakfast&dinner :  200 euro (for partners)
  • Tourstic visits: Ali Pasha Tepelena island,  Meteora  village, old city &castle.
  •     +355 69 20 60 990