Career and Student Tutoring Office



Power and Responsibility

·         Organizes, manages and runs the recruiting of new students from domestic and foreign high schools.

·         Keeps continuous relationships with the student council bodies, student association or other student organizations, and supports their operation.

·         Reports to the governing bodies of SHPALPV's the concerns raised by students in an organized or not organized form.

·         Makes suggestions for changes and improvements in curricula, in response to the demands of the student candidates and actual students and presents them for approval to the relevant structures.

·         It organizes, manages and guides the process of advising students about SHPALPV’s academic process, studies and other issues related to it.

·         Organizes and coordinates student cultural, sports, and entertainment activities, as well as the activities in cooperation with third parties, inside and outside SHPALPV's premises.

·         Monitors and organizes SHPALPV students' career issues.

·         It provides advice and guidance about orientation and development of professional careers of SHPALPV’s students.

·         Collaborates closely with faculty departments for the organization and the ongoing of professional practices of SHPALPV's students.

·         Maintains communication with the labor market to attract thoughts in terms of the compliance of degrees offered with the labor market, and to facilitate the practice process. It prepares proposals for changes and improvements in curricula and presents them for approval to the relevant structures.

·         It is responsible for organizing career fairs.

·         It maintains ongoing relationships with other bodies or alumni associations and supports them in their functioning.