Central Learning Secretary

Head Secretary: Marjeta Bonjako

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Power and Responsibility

The Central Learning Secretary helps the developing of the teaching process at SHPALPV, through performing the following main tasks:

·         Maintains and updates the base register with students' personal data, grades received while following the study program during the years of studies and the data on their degree/s.

·         Completes student's diploma and diploma supplement, according to the rules set out in this statute and the rules of the institution and based as well on the instructions from the Ministry of Education and Sports.

·         Fills in the students' records in the base register, electronically and manually.

·         Gives to every student the corresponding number of matriculation.

·         Fills in the registers of each course.

·         Secretes exams and gives out the results after correction.

·         It addresses the students' requests to sign up, drop out courses or change classes.

·         Analyses statistics data (passing rate, absenteeism, etc.).

·         Notifies Rector, Vice-Educational Rector, Deans and Departments' Head about the suspended classes during the week.

·         Calculates the number of classes conducted by external lecturers, information that is sent to the Human Resources Office through the Chancellor before delivering their payment.

·         Designs certificates and transcripts and copies of diploma supplement for students, based on their requests.

·         Oversights the regular completion of final course minutes and sends the materials to the archive.

·         Administrates, supervises, maintains, and renews the e-grade system.

·         Any other duties of secretarial nature, serving the students, charged by the Teaching Protectorate or/and the Rector.