Finance Office



Power and Responsibility

The Finance Office is in charge of the implementation of the economic and financial policies of SHPALPV. The office has this main responsibilities:

·         Organizes and runs the work of SHPALPV's economic and financial issues, in accordance with the legal provisions and regulations and the constitution acts of the company.

·         Maintains the complete and precise income and expenses' documentation, by type of service, or by elements of expenses, making comprehensive and monthly and/or periodic reports  of various indicators.

·         Processes and reports about the financial summary indicators and investments made by SHPALPV.

·         Performs computer records of financial and banking documents under specific and approved programs.

·         It holds and organizes accounting and financial documents of the company and reports to the fiscal authorities in accordance with legal acts and regulations in force.

·         Organizes the accounting and reports periodically to the Administrator/Rector the financial reports, necessary for the financial management.