Office of Curriculum Development



Power and Responsibility

The office of Curriculum Development deals with the preparing of new study programs for all levels, and the periodic reviewing of validated programs that are being offered by SHPALPV.

·         Ensures the compliance of curriculum with the legislation requirements on Higher Education in the Republic of Albania.

·         Evaluates the proposals of the Shareholder Assembly or those of the legal entity for the opening of new study programs, changing or reorganizing existing programs and prepares an assessment report.

·         Gathers the course programs offered at each study level, after approval by the appropriate authority, verifies compliance with the format and the defined principals for their design and reports about the situation to the Rector.

·         Supports the Internal Unit of Quality Assurance in cases of reporting on evaluations of study programs, such as for the purpose of accreditation, as well as for the cases of new program openings, always within its competence for curriculum and teaching-research issues.

·         The Office may request the opinion of an expert, according to the field and the problems, in preparing the required materials, or evaluation reports.