Internal Unit of Quality Assurance

Director: Fabiola Deliaj

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Power and Responsibility

The Internal Unit of Quality Assurance is an autonomous structure, permanent in the organizational structure of the institution. It consists of 5 members, Commission Director, a representative of each faculty, a representative of the academic-help or administrative personnel, a representative of students’ organizations. The head and the members of the Commission are appointed from the Senate and nominated from the Rector. The main activities of the Unit are:

·         Regularly evaluates the efficiency of teaching and research activity, and suggests modifications for necessary improvement, based on the instructions of quality assurance in the European higher education.

·         Submits a summary of the evidence on the teaching process and the study programs of the institution, according to certain indicators in relation to the existing national or international standards.

·         Evaluates the coordination between the teaching and educational process and the scientific research activities of the institution.

·         Examines the framework, the quality and the development of the academic staff.

·         Provides the necessary tools which will help to complete the evaluation.

·         Provides the enhancement and the updating of the data base previously analyzed, which will serve to perform the external evaluation by national or international experts and consultants.

·         The Commission has an operational autonomy and has access to all the records of the institution.

·         The outcomes of the Commission evaluation get published.

·         The organization and the functioning of the Internal Unit of Quality Assurance and the Internal Evaluation System of SHPALPV are determined by a specific regulation.