Within the framework of the cooperation agreement between our two institutions, namely the University College "Pavarësia Vlorë" and the Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT), for the second consecutive year followed successfully the path of cooperation, among which the concretisation of this cooperation involves the organization of scientific conferences. The vision of the two institutions is already clear and best demonstrates the determination to walk in the way of knowledge, dignified. The conference was held on November 2 and 3 in the premises of the Canadian Institute of Technology, following the work of the organizational staff and managers of both institutions, who were particularly attentive to the organization of the conference. Such organizations, in fact, apart from highlighting the seriousness of the University College "Pavarësia Vlorë" and the Canadian Institute of Technology, clearly show the attention of these higher education institutions to the pursuit of the trend of development. The theme of this conference was "Sustainable Development". The conference papers were very interesting as they come from different areas such as economics, finance, management, marketing, law, political science, architecture, information technology, information technology, and many other early science disciplines in the sustainable development perspective.