We are pleased to invite researchers especially those from the field to submit their abstracts in the following topics, and not only to them:


  • Rule of law in the Western Balkans
  • European stability and the Balkans as the neuralgic place
  • Western Balkans: gheto or part of the continent – perspectives of membership
  • Corruption as the Euro-integration obstacle
  • Effective public administration and overloaded administration in the Western Balkans
  • Process of harmonization of legislation with the EU
  • Economic development and living stadard: obstacle or pretext for euro-integration of the region
  • Good neighborhood as the condition towards integration: challenges and difficulties
  • Regional organizations
  • International, regional organizations in the Balkans
  • Saga of Byuxelles dialogu Kosovo - Serbia
  • EU – Kosovo relationas
  • EU – Western Balkans Countries Balkans
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Good governance
  • Minorities and their situation in the Balkans states
  • History and the impact in the current developments
  • Rule of law
  • Sovereignity and globalization
  • Migration of the population
  • Civil society and its impact in developments in the Balkans, including media involvement
  • Kosova and UN
  • Inner economies and their relations with the international financial organizations
  • Post war degraded economies
  • Post – war/post conflict economies and privatization processes
Pranimi i Punimit: 25 Prill 2018  
Njoftimi për Pranimin e Punimit: 27 Prill 2018  
Data e Organizimit:  7-8 Maj 2018