As part of the European Week, the Department of Justice and Political Science also the Department of Economics in collaboration with the European Union Information Center of Vlora, organized a scientific session on the topic: "The European Union: Challenge or Perspective? ". The event had the participation of representatives of various city institutions, organizations, associations and citizens. The event was also attended with a great interest from teachers and high school students from public and private schools in the city of Vlora.

Mrs. Besjana Roshi, in the quality of the director of the European Union Information Center, presented an overview of the functions of the office and the many opportunities that this office provides. Into their presentations the Lectures of both  Departments highlighted the problems that Albania's into the  European path and the challenges that must be addressed to meet the five key priorities, to make the opening of EU accession negotiations. At the conclusion of the Scientific Session, all participants had the opportunity to discuss the mentioned topics.Photo from the Event