The review process will be double-blind. Each paper will be reviewed by at least two members of
scientific committee. The acceptance decisions will take into account paper novelty, technical
depth, elegance, practical or theoretic impact, and presentation.

  • Original: the paper explores a new idea, project or issue; discusses existing research
    with promise of new insight, discusses new research; or presents new ways of
    considering existing information
  • Engaging: presentation format will involve the audience in some way, or has high
    potential to attract conference attendees by addressing needs of the community
  • Significant: the paper raises and discusses issues important to improving the
    effectiveness and/or sustainability of open education efforts, and its contents can be
    broadly disseminated and understood
  • Quality: claims are supported by sufficient data; claims draw upon relevant literature;
    and limitations are described honestly
  • Relevant: the paper addresses one or more of the themes of the conference


Pranimi i Punimit: 25 Prill 2018  
Njoftimi për Pranimin e Punimit: 27 Prill 2018  
Data e Organizimit:  7-8 Maj 2018