Title of the extended abstract of 2 pages
J.Brown and A.Campbell
Name of institution, City, Country
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Purpose:1 to 3 sentences. Method: 2 to 6 sentences Results: 2 to 4 sentences. Conclusion: 1 to 3sentences.

Total number of words: around 250. This is only a guide to help students, but you can omit the subsections: Purpose, Method, etc. and use you usual format to write abstracts.

Keywords: 2 to 5 keywords

1. Introduction

 We expect here that you talk about the motivation of the work, the context, problematic handled, and how your findings are original and interesting.


2. Related work

State of the art: cite works related to your findings. We expect a number of citations between4 to 13.


3. The subject of your work

We expect here that you detail the subject that you handled.


4. Proposed method

We expect here that you detail your method (it includes for example: analysis, concept,  algorithm, experiment,).

5. Results and discussion

We expect here that you detail your results and discuss them on light of existing results. Curves and figures and appreciated.


6. Conclusion

We expect here that you summarize your results, explain how there are important, and give perspectives and future work.


7. References

1.         [1]            F. Smith and W. Bauer “title of article”, Jour. Of xxx 37, 187-193 (2015).

2.         [2]            Xxx

3.         [3]            Xxx

4.         [4]            Xxx

5.         [5]            xxx

We expect a number of references between 6 and 15. However, it depends on your subject. You may have another decomposition of your paper. The sections given above are only indications for students to help them write extended abstracts. The extended abstract should not 2 pages.

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